Welcome to Goodricke College!

As Head of College, working with the Assistant Head, I have overall responsibility for the College and all its members.

I lead a team of trained individuals including the Assistant Head, a Senior College Fellow, four Tutors, and the College Administrator.

A College is not simply a hall of residence. It is a community that is shaped by you, but also by former Goodricke staff and students (and those who will join us in the future). Please get involved and also remember that to live together successfully we all need to work to maintain the quality of the College and of its inclusive and welcoming character.

Goodricke College provides an excellent base to socialise with other students, many of whom may turn out to be lifelong friends. Each of the three residential courtyards is a small community. Every courtyard has at least one Tutor who can provide an easily accessible system of support on a personal basis for those who require it. For students who like to be involved, there is a wide range of social and sporting opportunities as well as posts of responsibility on the Junior Common Room committee.

We hold a variety of social events during the year. If you are a new student, I look forward to meeting you at one of these events during the Autumn term, but if I can help at any time, please do contact me.

Enjoy yourself, have fun, work and play hard. The staff at Goodricke College join me in wishing you all the best for a rewarding time at the University of York.

Matt Matravers
Head of College
Goodricke College