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  • So you're coming to York!!!

    by Hugh Oatts

    2 years 1 month ago

    Hugh Oatts

    So you’re coming to the University of York… but which college do you pick? It might seem difficult, but the answer is obvious. Goodricke!

    Goodricke has some of the highest quality accommodation on a campus undergoing rapid development. We’re known for our pioneering spirit and aren’t afraid to show it! We have a wide range of events, ranging from bar crawls, trips abroad to our legendary all day music festival GoodFest! Whatever your interests, there’s bound to be something you can get involved in. We’re one of the few colleges with a family feel, where you will find friends and college spirit that will last a life time.

    If that hasn’t convinced you, check out the video from this year’s free all day music festival – GoodFest!

    We hope to see you in September!

  • Why Run in the By-Elections?

    by Scott Dawson

    2 years 8 months ago

    Scott Dawson

    So it’s that time of 2nd term where the By-Elections come rolling around. Whilst it can really come off as a drag with yet more campaign posters and flyers scattered about the place this is really is an amazing opportunity up for grabs!

    Most likely you will have a pretty good idea as to why you will want to run, I’m sure by this point those of you who want to take up a role in your JCRC will have already decided or considered it. Yet I thought, from my perspective of a year and a bit within a JCRC, it may be good to to put up some massive benefits that come from working in your college community.

    1 Your CV….

    This doesn’t really need much explaining, but any role you take up counts as volunteer work within a large student body and university life as a whole. Each comes with their own unique perks. For example become a tech officer will provide you basic tech training and you will be helping out in large events throughout the year. Likewise as campaigns officer you will be promoting awareness and activities with other groups and societies, massive bonuses that any employer will like to see!

    2. Get to know your college!

    Goodricke is awesome, simple fact, and by jumping into the JCRC you get to meet people across the board from the staff who help run the college, to students who you wouldn’t meet otherwise from several other flats, degrees and societies. It’s a great build up in confidence and you really do not know who you’re going to meet in this world so by joining the JCRC you are able to see every element of Goodricke at work!

    3. Connections Connections

    Building on my second point, you don’t know if the next person you going to speak to may be impressed by your skills and resourcefulness and may look to do extra projects or ideas with you in the future. University is an opportunity and the JCRC is a brilliant way to harness that fact. You will work with fellow students to staff members to the citizens of York and each new face may bring up fresh information, ideas or opportunities that you just wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    4. Help shape Goodricke College!

    By getting involved in the JCRC you gain a direct voice into the workings and daily goings on of College life. If you don’t like what a policy may lead to or if you believe that your idea will alter lives in Goodricke for the better then this is your chance to capitalize on it. It can be the smallest thing from a change to something in the nucleus to looking to bringing in a fresh event which the entire college can get behind, it’s your opportunity to make it happen!

    5. Motivating Yourself to do more!

    I suppose just a general summary of each point but this really is your time to shine! The JCRC opens up a hundred different possibilities and it can really help you in organizing your time and life here at York. Personally I found my role as just a Newsletter officer in the JCRC last year was brilliant in motivating me to do more and socialize with the college community. If you feel that you can become unmotivated or procrastinate the JCRC can sharpen your focus and help you give yourself weekly goals and daily targets which you want to achieve!

    These are just a couple ideas floating around and there are a million and one reasons as to why these By-Elections are something that you shouldn’t let pass you by.

    Hope you all had a great first term and good luck with everything in 2014.
    Scott, Vice-Chair Welfare.

  • Freshers Site Now Open!

    by Saul Rennison

    3 years 23 days ago

    Saul Rennison

    Hi everyone!

    Goodricke Freshers' Week 2013

    The Goodricke Freshers site is now open! The site is full of useful info about starting University and the college itself. It’s the perfect place to meet your flat mates and STYCs, ask questions, see the full freshers’ week timetable, view 360° panoramas of the college accommodation/facilities, and more!

    Simply login with your Facebook and University account at the link below:

  • So what's a STYC?

    by David Cribb

    3 years 30 days ago

    David Cribb

    First things first, congratulations for getting into York, and a big welcome to the best college at York, Goodricke!

    If you’ve heard anything about Freshers Week at York you may have heard the term STYC thrown about, but you still might not know what a STYC actually is. A STYC can be many things, but one thing they definitely aren’t is a small branch that has fallen off a tree (apologies for that appalling joke…)

    A STYC (Second and Third Year Contact) is a current student who is a member of Goodricke College, who is in their second or third year and has volunteered to help out during freshers week. Each flat in college has two or more STYCs who befriend freshers and help them out in the first few weeks of term and beyond. They’re there to help you settle in and answer any questions you might have about freshers week, the college, university etc. They also accompany their flats on a the nights out.

    The advantage of having someone with you who knows the fastest way across York, the best value taxis, and any other knowledge they have accumulated during their time at York is invaluable. Not only this but many STYCs remain good friends with their freshers for years.

    So hopefully that should answer any questions you might of had about STYCS!

    To keep up to date with anything freshers related I would definitely recommend liking “The Official Goodricke Freshers Week 2013” Facebook page and following us on twitter “@GoodrickeYork”

    See you all in September!


  • Chair's Welcome

    by Dean Hickey

    3 years 1 month ago

    Dean Hickey


    You’re probably all sick of hearing that but it’s important to acknowledge you’ve all worked incredibly hard to get here and we want to celebrate that.

    As a JCRC (Junior Common Room Committee) we’ve got the task of organising your Freshers Week and ensuring that your time in York gets off to the best possible start. We’ve got a hold range of pretty amazing activities and events planned this year so stayed tuned to our Official Goodricke Freshers 2013 Facebook page for updates, handy hints and Freshers info.

    Stay tuned for more!


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